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Cuban Tobacco & Oak Wax Melts

Cuban Tobacco & Oak Wax Melts

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Cuban Tobacco & Oak

Tom Hardy in wax melt form? We got you! Handsome. Masculine. Bold.

Indulge in the Oak and Incense notes of Cuban Tobacco and Oak with this rich and earthy scent. Perfect for winding down after a long day, this scent will create an ambiance of warmth and sophistication.

Top Notes: Lemon & Mint
Middle Notes: Clove, Iriswood & Jasmine
Base Notes: Oak, Incense & Musk

We hand pour our blend of coconut and rapeseed wax into six large wax melts topped with dried botanicals. Each wax melt lasting you up to 12 hours of luxury fragrance.

Our wax melts are presented in printed cotton bags for a luxurious finish.

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