With Love..

A gift from us. A complimentary wax melt sample included in all orders - a surprise scent for you to enjoy.

  • Floral

    These scents are feminine, soft and subtly sweet. Floral scents even have the potential to boost your mood and increase the occurrence of pleasant dreams.

  • Fresh

    These scents are the green, grassy and natural – including citrus, water and sea scents. Fresh scents are known for making people feel full of energy and life.

  • Woody

    These scents are often used in men’s fragrance. Woody scents can be described as an earthy, sensual, and harmonious scent. Think, Tom Hardy..

  • Oriental

    These scents are sharp and full of herbs and spices. Oriental scents are often used for men’s colognes and can be described as a woody, rich smell.