Our Story

Welcome to Fred & Wick.

I am delighted you have chosen to have a browse at my luxury home interior fragrance range of candles, diffusers, wax melts and burners. I am very proud to say that each and every product is hand-poured – today and always. I use eco-friendly and 100% natural plant-based wax in all candles and wax melts, blended with high quality fragrance oils to add a touch of elegance and class to your home.

I am a solo chandler who has created my small business in Buckinghamshire. My mission with Fred & Wick is simple, to deliver happiness to every one of my customers. My products will indulge your sense and instantly lift your spirits with scent combinations specifically created to evoke positive feelings and emotions. I want to bring a feeling of luxury to every home, creating an atmosphere to aspire to. Fred & Wick products will awaken your senses, feelings and wellbeing through fragrances for the mind, body and soul.

My journey started in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began and time became more apparent to us all with the focus of our day being the 5pm Prime Minister broadcasting addressing the nation on just how worrying the virus was and what was yet to come. This topic of conversation seemed to be everywhere we looked from newspaper headlines, TV and social media to daily conversations with family and friends. It was a tremendously uncertain and anxious time for many. Many people looked for new hobbies – 5k runs, baking banana bread and becoming family quiz experts. But for me, how could I utilise this time? Giving candle making a pop of course.

And this is where it really began, candle making on my tiny kitchen worktop. I however, completely underestimated the understanding and science behind it. Determined to be the perfectionist I am, in went the hours and hours of research behind what makes the perfect candle. After trial and testing what felt like hundreds of different combinations of candles, I finally felt the confidence to begin to share my creations with family and friends, gifting them as door-step presents during the pandemic.

The feedback on my candles was simply overwhelming. I had endless comments on how uplifting my candles were at this scary time and many explaining that it was allowing them to relax and unwind after a day full of worry. I was gifting our loved ones something that really helped them to de-stress when they needed it the most and that was rewarding me beyond measure.

This is where the lightbulb moment really struck. After such amazing feedback, how could I not share my creations even further to help those that are most in need of feeling content, relaxed and completely at peace at various times in their life?

After a tonne load of confidence building from my partner, I looked into building a brand that would reflect my love for home fragrance and self-care – one that was modern, simplistic and aesthetically beautiful. The fun began!

But little did I know, the MOST challenging part was yet to come.. a name for this business! Where do I even start?

Hours and hours of debating on a name I was happy with, but that would also fit my products perfectly.. There it was..


My son. 

He is my absolute world and everything I do is for him..

And then of course, wick - the most important yet frustrating part of a candle to perfect!

And that is where Fred & Wick was born.

To this day, my heart lies in helping those with busy lives to relax and de-stress after overwhelming or stressful days. I know just how important it is to unwind after a day with your children or a long day at work and taking 5 minutes to yourself to cater to your own self-care is absolutely essential. Whether that be a hot bath in silence or a cup of tea with an indulgent read – it is vital to pause, breathe and reset, ready for the new day tomorrow.

With love, Leah x